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Excel Pediatrics

Meet Dr Dravid

Anjana Dravid, MD, FAAP

Board certified in Pediatrics  


Welcome to Excel Pediatrics, WHERE CARE COMES FIRST. I am Dr Dravid, the pediatrician at Excel Pediatrics, and I would like to tell you about myself and my practice.

I am born as Tamilian and raised in Northwestern part of India so I am well versed in Hindi, English, Tamil and Gujarati. I completed my medical education from SMS Medical College in Jaipur, India. While in medical training, Pediatrics won my heart because I felt a natural resonance between the children I examined and the child within me. The connection was instant and effortless. My journey to be among kids started then and there!

I finished my residency in Pediatrics from Woodhull Medical center, Brooklyn, NY and moved to NJ to join a private practice. Driven by a desire to interact with patients and parents in my own ways and encouraged by my friends and family members, I decided to open my solo practice and thus Excel Pediatrics was born in 2010.

Pediatric Medicine encompasses a happy blend of providing healthy preventive care and helping parents nurture their children. As a pediatrician, I enjoy talking with parents and providing each child with the best possible care. Having two kids of my own, I empathize with parents of sick children and understand their need to get in touch with the pediatrician at any time. Also, I realize the need of moms to be able to go to a good hospital for delivery or for admitting sick children. Due to these reasons, I provide convenient evening hours to my patients and have admitting privileges in JFK and St Peters University Hospital, NJ. I also use a web-based certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR)system to keep patient records always available.

The goal of my practice is to provide each child with the best possible care as every child is a gift from god. That's why I love to start with newborn care and strive for continued long term care. I live close to the office and both hospitals and thus can achieve good work life balance.

I enjoy reading, watching movies and doing fun-activities with my family. I truly enjoy my work and am blessed to be a Pediatrician. I, along with my wonderful staff, welcome you to my practice, whereCaring Goes A Long Way!

Anjana Dravid, MD, FAAP